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First Look: "Shenmue" Anime Series


Blade Runner: Black Locus isn't the only anime spin-off of an existing property that Adult Swim and Crunchyroll are promoting today. As it turns out, they have also given a first look at the first anime series based on Yu Suzuki’s celebrated SEGA video game series, Shenmue.

Like the games, the series will follow Ryo who trains to become the ultimate martial artist in his quest to avenge his father's murder at his family dojo. Along the way, and across various cities, he discovers larger forces are at work. Check out the first look below:

Many voice actors from the games will return for the series (which is also known as Shenmue the Animation) while Chikara Sakurai will direct all thirteen episodes of the series and Yu Suzuki will executive produce. Adult Swim and Crunchyroll will air the show sometime in 2022.

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