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First Look: Winstead in "Kate"


Following her turn as Huntress in last year's Birds of Prey (I'm not even going to entertain the idea of typing the full title), Mary Elizabeth Winstead seems determined to continue her streak as an on-screen killer as her next film will be the Netflix project Kate. The story focuses on the Winstead's titular character in a sort of Crank-style situation. Essentially, while on a job in Tokyo, Kate gets injected with poison and has 24 hours to live so she sets out to kill the person who poisoned her before her time runs out. Along the way, she makes an ally in the form of a daughter of one of her past targets.

The film has been confirmed to be released sometime this year, though there is no official release date yet. However, Entertainment Weekly has released a few first look images. Check them out below:

Kate co-stars Woody Harrelson, Michiel Huisman, and Tadanobu Asano. It is directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.

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15 de mai. de 2021

So DOA feminist remake. Got ya.

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