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"Fugitive Dreams" Debuts Official Final Teaser


You're probably looking at the title and thinking "When were the other teasers for this film?". It's understandable to ask this question for a little known indie film. It is perhaps this very issue of marketing that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, film festivals are working hard to keep their events going so such films can get exposure. For films like Fugitive Dreams, it's thanks to festivals going all-virtual or using drive-in theaters that adhere to social distancing. The film, will make it's debut at the Austin Film Festival when that all-virtual event begins next week on October 27th.

Adding to the obscurity of the film, it's story is actually based off a musical play created by Caridad Svich. Described as an "allegorical road movie", the story focuses on two drifters named Mary and John who meet when John prevents Mary from committing suicide. Looking for a home, they embark across a dreamscape America. Along this darkly strange journey, the duo will be forced to confront their traumatic pasts and bond in compassion and love that neither knows very well. As the official final teaser shows, it will be an odyssey unlike anything you've seen before. Check it out below:

Fugitive Dreams stars April Matthis, Robbie Tann, and Scott Shepherd. It is written and directed by Jason Neulander. Stay tuned!

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