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FX's "Black Narcissus" Debuts Official Trailer #2


Following it's first official trailer back in late-September (See it here), another full trailer has been released for the upcoming three-part miniseries Black Narcissus, the second adaptation of author Rumer Godden's 1939 novel Black Narcissus following the acclaimed 1947 psychological thriller. Like the book and film, the miniseries will follow a group of young nuns who attempt to start a a school and hospital in the old palace of an Indian Raja at the top of an isolated mountain in the Himalayas. There, they become tempted by the exotic location and erotic paintings that drape the walls of their new home. Check it out below:

Black Narcissus will premiere on FX on November 23rd. Following each episode's airing on the channel, those episodes will then become available the next day on Hulu. Stay tuned!

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