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Gameplay Trailer: "The Day Before"


Whether it's The Last of Us, Dying Light, or Days Gone, post-apocalyptic video games have become quite the fascination, perhaps enhanced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that at times feels like something out of fiction. It helps that games don't just keep people busy, but engage them in something to keep their hands busy with. Now, The Day Before plans to take that concept and let gamers engage with others during a time people are feeling the loneliness set in during this year-long quarantine (one that hopefully is coming to an end soon).

The new open-world MMO survival is set in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry infected and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars. The story sees players wake up alone in a world they no longer remember, setting out to find answers and the resources to survive. Today, an exclusive gameplay trailer that clocks in around 14 minutes has been released to give people a preview of the epic scope of the game, which will be exclusive to Microsoft Windows (And available to purchase on Steam). Check the footage out below:

The game has been delayed as the game's developer, FNTASTIC, works to put the finishing touches on the project. Stay tuned!

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