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"Ghost of Tsushima" Fastest-Selling PS4 Game of All Time


With the PS5 being released today, another generation of console gaming comes to an end, set to slowly fade into memory and history. So, it seems appropriate that Ghost of Tsushima, the critically-acclaimed historical samurai game set against a Mongol invasion on the titular Japanese island, has officially been confirmed today to be the fast-selling overall title for the PlayStation 4.

This was confirmed today by PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst who confirmed the game, which hailed from Sucker Punch Productions (Creators of the Infamous video game franchise) has sold more than four million copies since its debut in July. This couples onto it already holding the title for being the fastest-selling original title for the PlayStation 4. The game is also set to be playable at 60 frames per second on the PS5 which releases today. So, while an era is coming to an end, it will not fade so easily into history as you might think. Stay tuned!

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