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Gibson Checks-In to "The Continental"


In a surprise casting announcement, Oscar-winning actor Mel Gibson is set to co-star in the anticipated special event series The Continental, the prequel spin-off to the John Wick films.

Gibson will play a character named Cormac who will be amongst the ensemble that surround a younger version of Winston Scott (Played by Ian McShane in the films) who enters New York City’s mysterious underworld 1975 in an attempt to seize the iconic hotel for the world’s criminals. Gibson's role was not divulged beyond the name or how big the capacity of his role is, but given he's been cast before the lead role of Winston's younger self implies he will probably have a prominent part.

Starz and Lionsgate Television are producing the series which will consist of three 90-minute installments over three nights. Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward are writing the event series and serve as showrunners. John Wick: Chapter 4 is currently filming as well. Stay tuned!

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