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Gore Verbinski to Helm "Sandkings"


The last time audiences saw director Gore Verbinski, it was the 2016 film The Cure for Wellness. And while he does have a film titled Spaceless on the way (Which has no release date at the time this article is written), he's been mostly dormant since he directed the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy in the 2000's. However, that seems to be changing with it confirmed today he will direct an adaptation of the 1979 George R.R. Martin novelette Sandkings.

Dennis Kelly (Utopia) is set to adapt the story which follows the sadistic (and wealthy) exotic animal collector Simon Kress who comes upon four colonies of creatures called sandkings who create sandcastles to protect their "maw", a large female who telepathically control their individual colonies. These four colonies that are at war with each other. Kress sees that as a way to be thrilled by creating essentially a twisted variation of dog fights by starving the colonies and then gambling with friends on who will win the colonies' wars with each other. Everything goes awry though when the sandkings take over Kress's house as they grow desperate for food.

The film will be produced by John Baldecchi who recently produced the Happy Death Day films. Stay tuned!

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