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HBO's "The Perfect Weapon" Debuts Official Trailer


Earlier today we put up the trailer for the new HBO Max series A World of Calm (See it here). It's understandable why HBO wanted to promote this first and have it available on October 1st...because on October 16th they are going to release a documentary that is going to stress you out even more. Titled The Perfect Weapon, a daring documentary that delves into the war of cyber terrorism, disinformation, and the manipulation of facts to fit whatever narrative any given party is trying to convey. While it's a bet what side this documentary will take (Being barely a month before the 2020 election), it's no longer a fictional terror created in the movies. As the trailer's a very real enemy that at the same time cannot truly be identified:

I know it's a little scary but just take a breath, knowing that at least this issue is being made aware of to combat.

And stay tuned!

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