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HBO's "The Third Day" Limited Series Debuts Official Trailer


When one watches the trailer for the upcoming HBO miniseries The Third Day, they may be reminded of several films or concepts. Some might see a more radical version of the 2000 film The Beach, others an almost mass hysterical take on Neverland. But at the core of the series, that is broken into two seasonal parts ("Summer" and "Winter"), is a tale of a mysterious island off the British coast and a group of inhabitants intent on preserving their home at any cost. "Summer" will see a man (Played by Jude Law) coming to the island and "Winter" will see a mother (Played by Naomie Harris) coming to seek answers. But ultimately, whatever this island represents and whatever these characters find, as the new trailer indicates, no one will be the same:

The Third Day is set to debut on HBO on Monday, September 14th.

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