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HBO Trailers: "Murder On Middle Beach", "Crazy, Not Insane"


Count on HBO to release trailers for not one, but two true crime-inspired projects. The first is for a four-part documentary series Murder On Middle Beach that sees first-time filmmaker Madison Hamburg at the helm. The series sees Hamburg’s journey to solve the murder of his mother, Barbara Hamburg. Murdered on March 3, 2010 near her home in the upper-middle class enclave of Madison, Connecticut and, over the course of eight years, Hamburg has interviewed both members of his family and of his mother's social circle, gathering evidence along the way and uncovering a a shadowy underbelly to his suburban environment. The HBO original docuseries will premiere on HBO Max on November 15th. Check out the trailer for that project below:

Next up, we have the documentary film Crazy, Not Insane, directed and produced by Alex Gibney while being narrated by actress Laura Dern. This film will follow the research of psychiatrist Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis who has studied the psychology of murders. That film will premiere on HBO Max on November 18th. Check out the official trailer for that film below:

And to think, people thought Netflix was the only place to turn to satisfy one's true crime obsession. You have been misled. Stay tuned!

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