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Holloway & Abrams Re-Team on "Duster"


Following up his recurring role on season 3 of Yellowstone, actor Josh Holloway has been confirmed to be re-teaming with J.J. Abrams who was the co-creator of Lost, where Holloway had his breakout role as James "Sawyer" Ford. The show in question? Duster, which will see Holloway as a getaway driver for a crime syndicate in the American Southwest of the 1970's.

Set to play on HBO Max (And being produced under Abrams' Bad Robot banner), Abrams will executive produce alongside LaToya Morgan who is representing Warner Bros. Television in the production. This project is one of several that Abrams' is developing for HBO (And HBO Max) as part of his multi-millionaire dollar deal. It will join Abrams' other projects in the works including Constantine and Justice League Dark for the DC Universe along with others such as Overlook, a series set to focus on the origins of the infamous hotel from The Shining. Stay tuned!

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Mar 11, 2021

Holloway did a great job in 'Lost' but the reasons it worked so well was because it was a perfectly fit role for him with limited screen time and the story was great (at least up until the terrible last season) , now he's almost 20 years older and I doubt the story will be interesting

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