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Honest Trailers: "Mulan" (2020)


Well, that was fast. While often Honest Trailers, the popular YouTube channel, critique films through faux trailers of those films...they usually wait a little after the film is released. Yet, barely a week and a half after the live-action remake of Mulan received a premium release on Disney+, and had a soft theatrical opening in China where it was expected to do well, here is it's Honest Trailer which seems to criticize what most fans had a problem with with the film...the lack of Mushu. Check it out below:

While some have warmed to the film, holding a solid 75% on Rotten Tomatoes by critics, the audience score is currently a 51%. In short, audiences are fairly mixed about it. Local Chinese audiences were not pleased with lead star Liu Yifei who was quoted to support Hong Kong police (And current protesters in that country took that to mean she supported police brutality). Others have found the film's desire to be more realistic unusual given it's suppose to be a remake of the popular (and fantastical) 1998 animated film (And the fact several historically-driven, live-action versions of the story already exist, thus it felt redundant). This meant not only the removal of Mushu but the removel of Mulan's love interest Shang. it goes deeper than that but, as of April 2020, the film was expected to have a sequel. Whether that will happen or not based off this controversy is anyone's guess. Stay tuned!

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