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Hulu's "Sasquatch" Docuseries Debuts Official Trailer


If you're looking for something bizarre to watch, may I suggest the new docuseries Sasquatch that hails from the Duplass Brothers?

Set to premiere on Hulu on April 20th, the docuseries will have it's premiere at SXSW tonight. it follows the story of an investigative journalist who returns to a Northern California pot farm after almost 30 years. Why? To find if, in 1993, three men truly were torn limb from limb in a savage attack by an apparent Bigfoot. Check out the trailer below:

Stay tuned!

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1 Kommentar

18. März 2021

What's more believable? Drug dealers killing people that interfere with their drug business.....or Bigfoot?

I can't believe this retarded shit got made.

Gefällt mir
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