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"Ip Man: Kung Fu Master" Debuts Clip & Posters


Donnie Yen's Ip Man films are probably the most noted of the countless adaptations of the life of the man who trained Bruce Lee. However, while excellent, they often told a more "thematically true" variation of his life than a straight forward biographical one. Though that is accounted for by the simple pageantry that tends to come with martial arts films that, in turn, alter the story's context.

That being said, the upcoming film Ip Man: Kung Fu Master is in many ways the third in it's own series of stories focused on him, seeing actor/martial artist Dennis To taking on the titular role for the third time, following his portrayals of him in 2010's The Legend Is Born: Ip Man and 2018's Kung Fu League. This third film will, however, cover a specific time in his life, namely Ip Man's stint as a police officer in Guangzhou before the Chinese Communist Revolution in 1949. Though the posters released automatically hint at a somewhat fantastical approach to the material:

In addition, the clip released today, depicting Ip Man training a student also has much of the popular kung fu flair fans of the genre have come to love:

Despite the film's release in December 2019, the film is currently experiencing a limited release in the US that began on December 11th. So if the clip attracts you, you might get to catch the film in theaters.

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master is directed by Li Liming (Who co-wrote the script with Shi Chingshui). Stay tuned!

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1 Comment

Dec 15, 2020

Just watch the original if you've never seen it. All the sequels pale in comparison.

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