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Isaac in Talks for Marvel's "Moon Knight" Disney+ Series


Ever since Marvel Studios became a household name, they've worked to increase their amount of prestigious actors outside of Robert Downey Jr. Particularly with the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, and Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Now, another acclaimed actor may be joining the who Disney is already familiar with.

It's been reported today that Oscar Isaac, known for playing Poe Dameron in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, is in talks to play the titular Moon Knight (Real name: Marc Spector) in the previously announced Disney+ series that has been in slow development, only so far confirming Jeremy Slater as leading the writing team for the show. A director, nor a start date for production, has been confirmed yet although it's expected to next if they secure the lead actor for the show.

Isaac's character is one of quite the range. In the comics, Marc Spector is a former boxer, CIA agent, and mercenary who is betrayed by his employer, Raoul Bushman, and left for dead after they stumble upon an archaeological dig that Bushman intended to loot for profit. Luckily for Spector, he is approached by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu as he lays dying, offered a second chance at life in exchange for becoming his avatar on Earth. He returns to the United States to fight crime, often taking on several altar egos to best fight the criminal underworld. The character has often been compared to DC Comics' Batman due to similarities between the two characters (Namely being millionaire entrepreneurs who travel abroad and return to fight crime).

The character has long been demanded by fans of the MCU to make an appearance. While Keanu Reeves has been the favorite by fans to take on the role, Isaac is obviously a great actor for the character in terms of adding depth. Still, nothing is confirmed yet, but without a doubt Marvel is looking to continuously up their game in the performance department. Stay tuned!

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