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"John Wick 5" to Shoot Back-to-Back with Fourth Film

It was suppose to be a big deal when next year Keanu Reeves would have two blockbuster films released the same weekend. Matrix 4 and John Wick 4. Then, the pandemic happened. And as a result, even though Matrix 4 was suppose to finish filming and allowed time for Reeves to shoot John Wick 4, Matrix 4 had it's production shoot pushed back. So that film is now JUST finishing production and thus John Wick 4 was pushed back as a result. Now, John Wick 4 won't hit theaters until Memorial Day weekend 2022. However, whether you see it as an apology or some way to give audiences something to look forward to in all the chaos, Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer has announced that not only will John Wick 4 be happening, but now a fifth film will be shot back-to-back with the fourth film.

Currently, according to Feltheimer, they are busy preparing scripts for the next two installments. Reeves is expected to shoot the films when he becomes available early next year after wrapping up Matrix 4. In addition, plans are still underway for the spin-off TV series The Continental, focusing on the hotel introduced in the films that serve as "neutral ground" among assassins. So if you're not quite tired of seeing Reeves as the famed former hitman who can never seem to catch a break, you got it. Stay tuned!

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