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Junkie XL Discusses "Justice League" Score Overhaul


Ever possible chance the Snyder Cut of Justice League has gotten a chance to promote how different it will be from the 2017 theatrical cut, it's taken it. Junkie XL, whose real name is Tom Holkenborg, has been double-timing on his front. He teased the new theme for the film a couple weeks ago and now today in a new interview he's had with Forbes, he emphasizes how the score will be nothing like the one for the theatrical cut made by Danny Elfman (Who Junkie XL was brought on alongside Joss Whedon). Elfman's had notably featured nods to his score from the Tim Burton Batman films and the legendary theme Superman: The Movie from John Williams. Here is Junkie XL's full statement on the matter:

“Besides the Man of Steel theme for Superman and the theme for Wonder Woman, which I have given a new spin, all the other themes for this movie are brand new. Some of them I did the groundwork on four years ago, but as you grow as a composer, you look at what you did and maybe have a better way of doing it now or a better idea. It was inspiring. I would get an idea in my downtime and think, ‘Oh, let’s rework this thing. Let’s do that.’ Because I knew for a while that this was coming, I had the time and space to shape it into its best possible form.”

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is expected to premiere sometime in early 2021 on HBO Max. Stay tuned!

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