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"Justice League": Hear Track from Official Score, Full Tracklist Released


A new Superman-focused trailer and poster are not the only pieces of marketing today for Zack Snyder's Justice League. While seeing Snyder's 4-hour cut in general is an intriguing idea, it's not just the 90% of new footage that might get attention, but also a whole new score made by the original set composer for Snyder's version, Tom Holkenborg (Aka Junkie XL). The tracklist, which includes 54 pieces of music, was released today which you can check out below:

1. "Song to the Siren" (Performed by Rose Betts)

2. "A Hunter Gathers"

3. "Migratory"

4. "Things Fall Apart"

5. "Wonder Woman Defending / And What Rough Beast"

6. "World Ending Fire"

7. "Middle Mass"

8. "Long Division"

9. "No Paradise, No Fall"

10. "The Center Will Not Hold, Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep"

11. "As Above, So Below"

12. "No Dog, No Master"

13. "Take This Kingdom by Force"

14. "A Splinter from the Thorn That Pricked You"

15. "Cyborg Becoming / Human All Too Human"

16. "The Path Chooses You"

17. "Aquaman Returning / Carry Your Own Water"

18. "The Provenance of Something Gathered"

19. "We Do This Together"

20. "The Will to Power"

21. "Smoke Become Fire"

22. "I Teach You, the Overman"

23. "A Glimmer at the Door of the Living"

24. "How We Achieve Ourselves"

25. "The Sun Forever Rising"

26. "Underworld"

27. "Superman Rising, Pt. 1 / A Book of Hours"

28. "Beyond Good and Evil"

29. "Monument Builder"

30. "Monument Destroyer"

31. "Urgrund"

32. "So Begins the End"

33. "The House of Belonging"

34. "Earthling"

35. "Flight Is Our Nature"

36. "Indivisible"

37. "And the Lion-Earth Did Roar, Pt. 1"

38. "And the Lion-Earth Did Roar, Pt. 2"

39. "Superman Rising, Pt. 2 / Immovable"

40. "At the Speed of Force"

41. "My Broken Boy"

42. "That Terrible Strength"

43. "An Eternal Reoccurrence of Change"

44. "We Slay Ourselves"

45. "Your Own House Turned to Ashes"

46. "All of You Undisturbed Cities"

47. "The Art of Preserving Fire"

48. "The Crew at Warpower"

49. "The Foundation Theme" (from Zack Snyder’s Justice League)

50. "Batman, a Duty to Fight / To See"

51. "Batman, an Invocation to Heal / To Be Seen"

52. "Wonder Woman, a Call to Stand / A World Awakened"

53. "Flash, The Space to Win / Our Legacy Is Now"

54. "Hallelujah" (Performed by Allison Crowe)

Unlike Snyder, Holkenberg left in the midst of post-production due to creative differences with the changes being made tonally by Joss Whedon. Because of this, for the 2017 theatrical cut of the movie, Holkenberg's score was replaced by a more familiar one composed by Danny Elfman. Elfman's score featured referential pieces of the themes from his original 1989 Batman score and John Williams' 1978 Superman: The Movie score. Obviously, off that direction alone, it was easy to see how different Elfman's score must have contrasted from Junkie XL's style which has been on display before in the DCEU as he contributed to the score for the immediate predecessor of Justice League, Batman v Superman (Notably he co-created Wonder Woman's theme with Hans Zimmer).

Cover for Junkie XL's "Justice League" Score.

As a taste of just how different, the seventh track from the above score list, titled "Middle Mass", has been released today for free to listen to on YouTube. Check it out below:

Zack Snyder's Justice League is set to be released on March 18th on HBO Max. Stay tuned!

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