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Kosinski's "Spiderhead" Casts Trio


While Joseph Kosinski's newest film Top Gun: Maverick hasn't been released yet, it is done and waiting for the theaters to open up enough for it to be released and make a healthy profit (Currently set to hit theaters July 2, 2021). And because of this, the director of films such as Tron Legacy, Oblivion, and Only the Brave is already moving onto his next film Spiderhead which is happening over at Netflix. And today, that film has cast it's lead trio of actors in the form of Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, and Jurnee Smollett. Teller previously worked with Kosinski on both Only the Brave and will co-star in Top Gun: Maverick. In addition to starring, Hemsworth will produce alongside Eric Newman, Oren Katzeff, Geneva Wasserman, Tommy Harper, and Jeremy Steckler.

Set in the near future, the story focuses on two prisoners who become the test patients for emotion-altering drugs that force the prisoners to grapple with their pasts in a facility run by a brilliant visionary who supervises the program. This is part of a future where convicts can volunteer as medical subjects to reduce their sentences. The film is based off the short story written by George Saunders.

The script is being penned by the writing duoe Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick, probably best known for the Zombieland and Deadpool films. They will also serve as producers. Stay tuned!

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