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Listen: Two Tracks from Amazon's "The Underground Railroad" Score


While Barry Jenkins' new 10-episode Amazon series The Underground Railroad is an impacting tale, one of it's most noted aspects is the score composed by Nicholas Britell, who previously worked with Jenkins on both of his last two feature-length directorial efforts, Moonlight and If Beale Street Could Talk. And because Britell, a feature-film composer, put the same kind of ambition he would into a film score, the result was a multi-volume soundtrack that Lakeshore Records has been releasing. Following the release of The Underground Railroad Vol. 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 will be available digitally on May 28th. Britell spoke on the soundtrack today and the 20-month journey he took in composing it:

“The scale of The Underground Railroad is immense. Over 20 months, Barry and I worked to craft a set of musical landscapes to weave into Cora’s epic story. Volumes 2 and 3, combined with the previously released Volume 1, reflect the full scope of our musical journey together for the show.”

The two volumes' track lists and their respective cover arts are present below with each volume having released an exclusive preview track:


Track List Volume 2

  1. The Freedom Trail

  2. Ethel / No Choice

  3. Come Down Here (feat. David Hughey)

  4. Louisa

  5. Petrified

  6. House of Baal

  7. Cicada Spirit (Foundation Track)

  8. It Must Be Searched

  9. The Great Spirit

  10. Portrait of Cora Randall (Foundation Track)

  11. Asgardsreien

  12. Found Him

  13. TCA (Early Sketch)

  14. Searching in B Minor (Foundation Track)

  15. Exodus

  16. Lovey

  17. Somewhere Up There

  18. I’m Free

  19. Throw Me Anywhere, Lord (feat. Joe Solomon) [Early Sketch]

  20. That’a Girl

  21. Fire for the Kindling

  22. In Aeternum

  23. The Gospel of Jasper

  24. Manifest

  25. Deliverance

  26. Emma Jane

The exclusive preview track for this volume is Track 6, titled "House of Baal":


Track List Volume 3

  1. Fanny Briggs (feat. Julia Bullock)

  2. Fireflies

  3. Cut of Yo’ Jib

  4. The Pursuit of Happiness

  5. Fellowship

  6. Apollonian Embers

  7. Valentine Trio No. 2

  8. Welcome to Your Future

  9. A Man About A Horse

  10. Cora

  11. Ain’t Nothing in this World Black Folk Can’t Do

  12. Descending Piece

  13. Next

  14. As Long As You Need

  15. Royal Gone

  16. Shame

  17. I Am (Reprise)

  18. Three Banjos

  19. Last Rites

  20. Telegram

  21. Revelations

  22. Partum

  23. Ghost Tunnel

  24. Legacy

  25. The Journey (Reprise)

  26. Caesar’s Theme (feat. David Hughey) [Foundation Track]

The exclusive preview track for this volume is Track 25, titled "The Journey (Reprise)":

Stay tuned!

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