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"Loki" Releases First Poster


While the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently premiering on Disney+ today (After getting the highest RT score of any MCU show or movie thus far), many already are highly anticipating the next series in the string of Marvel shows. I am, of course, speaking about Tom Hiddleston's eponymous return as Loki who is getting his own six-episode solo show titled, of course, Loki. And now, the first poster has been released, teasing the former god of mischief being in deeper water than he ever has before:

One particular note is the series is being written by Michael Waldron, a veteran writer on the popular animated comedy Rick and Morty. Given Loki is set to deal with the character traveling through time to alter human history, Waldron seems like the perfect man for the job to continue to string of successes the MCU is having in the TV department. Stay tuned!

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