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Lopez, Hammer to Have a "Shotgun Wedding"


It'll be interesting how and when all these newly announced films will get released. While streaming services have taken in a lot of smaller films that studios can make a quick profit from by selling them the rights, it is most definitely less than what they could have made in theaters. This is why no major blockbuster has been sold to a streaming service with the only noted example being Mulan being set straight to premiere access on Disney+. Another film to add to that roster is Shotgun Wedding, an action-comedy that hails from Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore. And now it's been confirmed that Jennifer Lopez and Armie Hammer will star in the film.

Set up over at Lionsgate and written by Mark Hammer and Liz Meriwether, the film will focus on the wedding of Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Hammer) who may be suffering cold feet at the moment they have gathered their opinionated families for destination wedding. Oh...and the entire party has been taken hostage. So there's that.

In addition to starring, Lopez will produce the film alongside Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Benny Medina, Todd Lieberman, and David Hoberman. Stay tuned!

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Oct 28, 2020


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