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"Love and Monsters" Debuts Official Trailer


Without meaning to, Dylan O'Brien may be becoming the poster child of "Children fighting the apocalypse" films. Whether it's voicing Bumblebee in the character's solo film, playing the lead of a resistance in a world of viral death in Maze Runner, or fighting nuclear threats in American Assassin, O'Brien seems to want to be a man of initiative with a heart of a broken boy. Or, in the case of his new film Love and Monsters, a boy with a broken heart. Although, in this case, comedy will take center stage as a boy goes out to find his ex-girlfriend from high school who he reconnects with over radio after living underground for seven years following the "Monsterpocalypse".

One of several films that is bypassing the theatrical experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic and going straight to premium video-on-demand (In this case, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, FandangoNow, Google Play, and Xfinity), Love and Monsters is being distributed by Paramount Pictures. It will be available on October 16th and, keeping in line with the way Netflix promotes it's films, a trailer has been released today, exactly one month before it will be available. Check it out below:

Love and Monsters co-stars Michael Rooker, Ariana Greenblatt, and Jessica Henwick. It is directed by Michael Matthews.

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