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M. Night Directs Music Video for His "Servant" Series


Director M. Night Shyamalan had some odd years that included such "classics" as The Happening and...pardon me as I cringe at the mention of it...The Last Airbender...

That being said, M. Night seems to have, at least, regained a bit of his former talent, delivering strong efforts such as The Visit and Split while Glass was a solid film (If not somewhat so-so in delivery). His newest film Old, out in theaters on July 23rd, also looks fascinating. However, his biggest successes have actually been TV-related with him serving as an executive producer and director for episodes of two shows. The first was Wayward Pines (2015-2016) and now he's a driving force for the AppleTV+ show Servant. The latter just concluded it's second season today with it already confirmed for a third season.

As somewhat of a promotion for the show, M. Night has directed a music video for the song "The Sky Cries" by artist Saleka. The song was heard in the eighth episode of season 2 (Titled "Loveshack") which aired on AppleTV+ on March 5th. For anyone familiar with the show, you can tell the music video, which is the first M. Night has ever directed, closely resembles the production design of the show. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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