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Marc Forster to Direct "Thomas the Engine" Film


Very few filmmakers can be marked so eclectic as Marc Forster. He's directed the meta-film Stranger Than Fiction, he's directed big budget films like World War Z and Quantum of Solace, and more recently he directed Christopher Robin. But perhaps it is that variation that has led to Forster being selected to direct and produce a movie adaptation of the Thomas the Tank Engine toy franchise.

Clocking in at 75 years this year, the franchise has had several films made (Both live-action and CGI) along with books, toys, and games. Not to mention a TV series that is currently in it's 24th season. This film though seems to be going for a big budget approach, something that Mattel (Through their Mattel Films production company) seems to be doing a lot with lately. This film will join the Barnie film being made over at Warner along with the Barney film, not to mention the Wishbone film over at Universal.

Little else is known about the film except Alyssa Hill and Jesse Wigutow will write the script for it. Stay tuned!

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