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"Mass Effect" Legendary Edition Debuts Official Reveal Trailer


Despite all the new games to come this year, it's hard not to excited for the Legendary Edition of the original Mass Effect trilogy. An already acclaimed game series in it's time, it's upgraded return in beautiful 4K resolution, along with improved gameplay and fixed bugs (Including the infamous slow elevator loading sections). Along with a more varied and unique universal character creator, the trilogy has essentially been refined to be appear as a more consistent series of games. In addition, over 40 DLC packs from across the trilogy will be available with conformation the "extended cut" of Mass Effect 3.

Now, it's been confirmed the trilogy will be available on May 14th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (Along with forward compatibility on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5) through the official reveal trailer released today. Check it out below to see how a great game series has only been made better:

Stay tuned!

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