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Michael B. Jordan in Talks to Direct "Creed III"


There is very little known about Creed III except it is happening. it's no surprise given 2018's Creed II (Following 2015's Creed) made over $214 million. The only thing known is that, back in February, Zach Baylin was penning the script for Creed III. Baylin had recently written the script for Will Smith's upcoming film King Richard, (About the father of tennis players Serena and Vanessa Williams). However, in a bit of a shocker, it's been confirmed today that Michael B. Jordan, who has lead the last two films as Adonis Creed, is in talks to not only continue on in front of the camera as the lead...but direct the film as well.

Granted, this goes in line with the Rocky franchise in it's entirety as the franchise's original star and creator, Sylvester Stallone, went on to direct four of the original six Rocky films. It's unknown if Stallone will return in any capacity for Creed III, after the end of Creed II saw his character left Philadelphia to reunite with his son and grandson. Jordan already served as an executive producer for Creed II. As he is still in talks, all this is up in the air. Stay tuned!

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