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Mike Flanagan's "The Midnight Club" Gets First Look Photos


Mike Flanagan has established himself as a bona fide horror talent. Not just in his ability to adapt great literary works like The Haunting on Hill House (into a limited series) or Gerald's Game (into a movie), but his own original works such as the 2013 film Oculus or, most recently, his critically-acclaimed show Midnight Mass. A majority of these projects have been funded and distributed by Netflix but if there is anything to appreciate about the streaming service it's their willingness to keep funding Flanagan's ambitious projects. Next up, he'll be delivering a series adaptation of the young adult novel The Midnight Club (no relation to Midnight Mass).

Written by Christopher Pike, the novel was made in the vein of the show Are You Afraid of the Dark? and followed eight patients at Rotterdam Home hospice who meet up each midnight to tell sinister stories. However, this will not be an anthology series but rather the titular club will serve as the set-up for the main story in which, during one of these midnight meet-ups, they make a pact that the first one to succumb to their disease is responsible for communicating with the others beyond the grave. After one of them dies, bizarre occurrences begin. In addition, their hospice is run by an enigmatic doctor who will be played by horror icon Heather Langenkamp (known for playing Nancy in the Nightmare on Elm Street films).

The series will not land on Netflix until October 7th, appropriately during Halloween season, Vanity Fair has released a series of new images that give a peak at the principal cast. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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