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"Monster Hunter Rise" Debuts Gameplay Trailer


Monster Hunter World was a massive success and deeply enjoyed by fans of the long-running role-playing franchise. Hopefully fans won't be disappointed with the next installment, Monster Hunter Rise which will carry over the seamless map approach as the World. In addition, players will gain the use of a new tool called the Wirebug (Similar to the Clutch Claw added in the "Iceborne" DLC for Monster Hunter World) that will allow a player to grapple and swing across gaps or to higher locations as needed along with different interactions with each weapon type, adding to that weapon's set of moves and combos. Even more exciting with this feature though is the Wirebug will allow a player to engage certain monsters in Wyvern Riding, allowing the hunter to mount and control the creature to a limited degree as to either lead it into areas more amenable for combat or to engage in combat with a different monster.

While the game won't be landing on Nintendo Switch for a couple more months (March 26th), a new gameplay trailer, detailing what to expect has been released. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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