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Moreno/Kaufman Collaborate on "The Memory Police" for Amazon


Charlie Kaufman just got through blowing everyone's mind with his Netflix film I'm Thinking of Ending Things and he's already set-up his next writing project with director Reed Morano, known for directing episodes of The Handmaid's Tale and recently the feature film The Rhythm Section. The project in question being an adaptation of the 2019 National Book Award-nominated surrealist tale The Memory Police, written in 1994 by Yoko Ogawa although it just got translated into English last year. And the story sounds VERY much like something Kaufman himself would write.

The story takes place an an island off the coast of Japan. Here, objects regularly disappear from memory, starting with simple things such as ribbons and perfume, but soon much more serious things are forgotten. While a rare few are able to remember all that no longer exists, including a book editor whose client, a young novelist, realizes and hides him in a room beneath her floorboards from the titular Memory Police who make sure whatever is erased, stays gone forever.

No production start date has been announced. Stay tuned!

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