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Movie Fact #100 - November 25th, 2020


The overall look for 1998's The Truman Show was influenced by television images, particularly commercials. It can noted that in many shots, characters lean into the lens with their eyeballs wide open, and the interior scenes are heavily lit. Director Peter Weir had filming designed this way because he wanted to remind viewers that "in this world, everything was for sale". CGI was used to create the upper halves of some of the larger buildings in the film's downtown set although those involved in visual effects work found the film somewhat difficult to make. This was because in 1997, the year the film was made, many visual effects companies were trying to convert to computer-generated imagery. While it was still early in CGI effects, Craig Barron, one of the effects supervisors, said that the digital models did not have to look as detailed and weathered as they normally would in a film because of the artificial look of the entire town. However, they did imitate slight blemishes found in the physical buildings. Stay tuned!

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