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Movie Fact #140 - January 11th, 2021


The 2009 film A Single Man was the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford (Who would go on to direct the highly acclaimed 2016 film Nocturnal Animals). A self-financed the film, it's no surprise that Ford's first occupation had a major impact in crafting the world of the story as the film places emphasis on the culture of the 1960's. In fact, the production design for the film was done by the same team that designed AMC television's Mad Men which was also set in the 1960's. In addition, Mad Men star Jon Hamm has an uncredited voice cameo as the cousin of George's partner, Jim (Played by Matthew Goode). Also, the actual house where the character George lives in the film was designed in 1948 by John Lautner which was his first house after leaving Frank Lloyd Wright. So, in this case anyway, style was just as important as substance. Stay tuned!

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