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Movie Fact #146 - February 2nd, 2021


1993' s The Sandlot is quite a popular baseball film. And at it's center, a group of young actors who didn't at all fake the enjoyment they show in the film. According to writer/director David Mickey Evans, the cast loved filming the movie in the summer that, to this day, they consider it the best summer of their lives. And if that wasn't enough to show the bond they formed, in order to establish the close bond between Smalls (Played by Tom Guiry) and Benny (Played by Mike Vitar), the director had Guiry and Vitar meet and rehearse together weeks before the rest of the kids showed up to film. It worked so well that the other kids genuinely believed the two actors had been friends for a long time. Even further to show how "in the family" the story was, the older Benny was actually played by Pablo Vitar...Mike Vitar's real-life brother. Movies get remembered...but friendships never die. Enjoy what you love and you'll never go wrong. Stay tuned!

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