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Movie Fact #155 - February 25th, 2021


Heathers is a unique black comedy of 1989 that was also unique in it's inspirations. A coming-of-age story whose screenwriter, Daniel Waters, began writing the screenplay in spring of 1986, while he working at a video store. In an interesting source of motivation, Waters wanted the film to be directed by Stanley Kubrick, not only out of admiration for him, but also from a perception that, in his words, "Kubrick was the only person that could get away with a three-hour film". In fact, the cafeteria scene near the start of the film was written as an homage to the barracks scene which opens Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket (Which opened in theaters the year after Waters started writing Heathers). Alas, after a number of failed attempts to get the script to Kubrick, Waters approached director Michael Lehmann, who he met through a mutual friend, but the film nonetheless became a critical success and has become regarded as one of the greatest coming-of-age films of all time. Stay tuned!

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