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Movie Fact #163 - March 5th, 2021


The best actors put a bit of themselves in each role they take on. For actor Nicolas Cage's performance in the 2005 film The Weather Man, he revealed that his character Dave Spritz is in fact a reflection of himself in many ways. Not just in the aspect of his real life character, but his also relationship with his father, changing his last name (He was born Nicolas Kim Coppola and is the nephew of famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola), his divorce, and his public precipitation. In addition, as somewhat of a metaphor, the scenes where fast food is thrown at Cage's character in the film (Which, by the way, the food was always thrown by the film's director, Gore Verbinski), are meant to represent the negative reviews and criticism Cage has received throughout his career. one can say Cage isn't honest about his life. Stay tuned!

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