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Movie Fact #169 - March 11th, 2021


Sometimes, a great scene is not because of some plan, but rather from adapting. In the 1962 version of The Machuarian Candidate, in the scene set in a hotel room opposite the convention where Major Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra) attempts to deprogram Raymond Shaw (Played by Laurence Harvey), it's noted that Sinatra is at times slightly out of focus. The shot is meant to be from Marco's distorted point of view which was widely praised as a great creative choice on the part of director John Frankenheimer. However, it was actually a first take that was out-of-focus on accident. The reason Frankenheimer elected to to use it was because he felt Sinatra failed to be as effective in subsequent retakes (A common factor in his film performances). Still, it created an effective atmosphere for a tension-filled scene. Stay tuned!

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