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Movie Fact #177 - March 25th, 2021


The 1969 film Sweet Charity ultimately stays faithful to the original 1966 stage musical it is based on, which ends with Charity (Played by Shirley MacLaine) preparing to jump off a bridge in Central Park after Oscar (Played by John McMartin) leaves her, but then getting her spirits lifted by a group of passing kids singing about love and peace that hand her a flower. However, director Bob Fosse actually filmed a happier alternate ending, anticipating that the studio would demand it.

That alternate ending (Which is included on the Laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray releases) picks up after Oscar leaves Charity. Oscar starts to go crazy in his apartment and, feeling suffocated, goes for a walk in the park. He sees Charity on their bridge in Central Park and thinks she is going to jump. Racing to rescue her, he trips and falls in the water. Charity jumps in after him, but can't swim so Oscar rescues her. Oscar realizes Charity is the only breath of fresh air in his life, proposes again, and she accepts.

Despite anticipation of rejection, the studio executives agreed with Fosse the alternate ending was too corny and kept the original ending from the stage version. Stay tuned!

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