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Movie Fact #183 - April 9th, 2021


The original 2007 film Death at a Funeral was a labor of love for the cast and crew. Though many of the actors invested more than others by having their performances fueled by their real a point of almost imitation. For example, the actors who played the married couple, Daniel (Matthew Macfadyen) and Jane (Keeley Hawes), are in fact husband and wife in real life.

In addition, Alan Tudyk's character Simon got his trademark concept (Being stoned and sitting around naked) from an actual experience of Tudyk's. Specifically, the inspiration for his "stoned" performance came from a memory from his teenage years when he once saw an intoxicated teen perched naked on top of a picnic table. Tudyk not only used this as a basis for his character but even mimicked the same weird pose as that teenager during his nude scene on the roof. Stay tuned!

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