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Movie Fact #186 - April 15th, 2021


The 1979 comedy Meatballs was actually the first starring role for Bill Murray and he was just as hilarious on-and-off camera back then as he is now. For example, according to one of the featurettes on the DVD, several of the shots in the movie were added after initial filming ended. Many of which included Murray's character Tripper and his young co-star Chris Makepeace, who played the character Rudy. However, during the time off, Makepeace had entered puberty and had the beginnings of a mustache. It was then that Bill Murray decided that it had to go so he took Makepeace over to a sink, lathered him up with soap and shaved off his mustache. So Makepeace received his first ever shave from Murray. Yep...that sounds like something Bill Murray would do. Stay tuned!

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