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Movie Fact #197 - May 6th, 2021


The 2013 film In a World... was the directorial debut of actress Lake Bell who also wrote the screenplay and starred in the film as Carol Solomon, an aspiring voice-over actress. She wrote the script with particular people in mind for the characters, hoping they would be interested in the project. She explained, "I was inspired to cast not only people who are great comedians but [...] who have a complex life [...] I knew that there was a profundity there that I wanted to tap into." That complexity was far more than she knew such as in the case of her co-star Fred Melamed, who plays her on-screen father, Sam Sotto. In the film, Sotto is an accomplished a Hollywood actor who is known as "king of voice-overs". According to Melamed, Bell was unaware he was actually an accomplished voice actor in real life when she first offered him the role of Sam. Though, lucky for her, she had someone who could contextualize the character of Sam down to such detail. Stay tuned!

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