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Movie Fact #208 - May 20th, 2021


The 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross, adapted by David Mamet from his 1984 Pulitzer Prize–winning play of the same name and directed by James Foley, had one of the most compelling ensemble of actors ever. Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Alec Baldwin helped lead the class but others such as Jonathan Pryce added some strong supporting work. But with such a group of veteran professionals, many of whom were stage performers as well as film actors, it's appropriate that Harris described filming as if a stage production, recalling later on, "There were five and six-page scenes we would shoot all at once. It was more like doing a play at times [when] you'd get the continuity going".

While the cast spent three weeks in rehearsals, it didn't make the script any less challenging according to Arkin, who said of the script, "What made it [challenging] was the language and the rhythms, which are enormously difficult to absorb". Nonetheless, it was a tight knit group. During filming, members of the cast who were not required to be on the set certain days would show up anyway to watch the other actors' performances. The result was an absorbing character drama. Stay tuned!

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