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Movie Fact #215 - May 29th, 2021


Just because a movie is well-received, doesn't mean the people who worked on it agree. An example is director Billy Wilder and views on his 1972 comedy Avanti! Despite the film being nominated for 7 Golden Globes including Best Picture along with Wilder and I.A.L Diamond getting nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium, Wilder actually was disappointed with the final film. He stated later on his thoughts on where the film went wrong:

"Maybe we went overboard with some of the comic relief, because Avanti! is not a comedy. If this film had worked the way we wanted it to, it would have had more of the quality of The Apartment. I always feel sorry for the disappointment of the actors, and all those dear technical people who do so much, when the picture doesn't make it the way they hoped . . . I went much farther with forbidden themes than I had with Kiss Me, Stupid, but nobody cared. Audiences thought it was too long and too bland. I guess they would have liked it better if it turned out the father was having the affair with one of the bellboys at the hotel."

Mind you, it doesn't make a difference to those who have enjoyed the film for almost 50 years but what great artist doesn't think they could have improved on their work? That's why their best work excels among others! Stay tuned!

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