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Movie Fact #222 - June 15th, 2021


1985's Clue has become a cult classic, but one of it's most distinct aspects is that featured multiple endings, a concept initially conceived by John Landis who created the story with the film's director Jonathan Lynn (who ultimately sole wrote the screenplay). The film has three endings that on DVD can be either played together or one chosen at random to complete the viewing of the film. In it's initial theatrical run, each theater received one of the three endings, and some theaters announced which ending the viewer would see. However, some forget that a fourth ending was filmed, but never used. While the ending has never been seen in it's entirety, it is documented in Clue: The Storybook, a tie-in book released in conjunction with the film and features some stills that prove it's existence.

In the unused fourth ending, Wadsworth (Played by Tim Curry) committed all of the murders. He was motivated by his desire for perfection. Having failed to be either the perfect husband or the perfect butler, he decided to be the perfect murderer instead. Wadsworth reports that he poisoned the champagne the guests had drunk earlier so they would soon die, leaving no witnesses. The police and the FBI arrive and Wadsworth is arrested. He breaks free and steals a police car, but his escape is thwarted when three police dogs lunge from the back seat.

Ultimately, Lynn removed it because as he later stated, "It really wasn't very good. I looked at it, and I thought, 'No, no, no, we've got to get rid of that.'" Maybe fans will someday see it or not, but one thing is certain...Curry probably made it just as hilarious as the rest of his scenes as the fast-talking butler. Stay tuned!

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