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Movie Fact #228 - July 16th, 2021


Tom Cruise has become known for performing wild stunts that are life-threatening. Primarily he does this in the Mission: Impossible films as his character Ethan Hunt. Perhaps the first major example of this was the opening free solo climbing scene Cruise did in 2000's Mission: Impossible II. However, it wasn't always coalescent for Cruise to perform these stunts. The studio expressed concern about the safety of filming the scene (performed at Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah). Cruise refused to drop the idea because he could not think of a better way to reintroduce his character following a four year gap since the 1996 original film. There was no safety net as he filmed the sequence, but he did have a harness. The scene was filmed as planned but he tore his shoulder when performing the jump from one part of the cliff to another. And that was just the beginning of Cruise's death-defying on-screen craziness. Stay tuned!

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