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Movie Fact #23 - September 9th, 2020


People don't understand how, when an actor takes on a globally recognized role, the bigger the role, the bigger the shadow on everything they do and sometimes it costs them roles. Few know but Mark Hamill, now a popular voice actor, actually is an accomplished stage actor. He actually replaced Tim Curry as Mozart towards the end of the run of the 1979 stage play Amadeus while it ran on Broadway. Don't believe me? Here's a photo of him performing on stage:

And even though Hamill recalled in an interview that he read with many actresses auditioning for Mozart's wife Constanze for the acclaimed 1984 film version, after he was done with the reads, Miloš Forman decided to not cast him in the lead role of Mozart because of his association with the character of Luke Skywalker, Forman believed that the audience would not believe him as the composer. While Hamill has gone on to be a highly successful voice actor (Notably for voicing several iterations of the Joker for various Batman adaptations), now many might see why he's had to make most of his career off without showing his face. Stay tuned!

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