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Movie Fact #234 - July 29th, 2021


Ben Affleck was brought in to direct, star, and co-write the script for 2010's The Town back in 2008, fresh off his directorial debut in Gone Baby Gone. Part of why Affleck wanted to helm the movie was he wanted to direct a movie "I personally researched and understood" which is why he travelled to Boston to research on the subject. Like his previous film, part of the connection was the film would take place in his home of Boston. That personal connection was enhanced by him inviting high school classmate Aaron Stockard to work with him on the script. While Affleck had grown up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he barely knew the harsh inner-city environment of Charlestown so Affleck and Stockard conducted many interviews with the Charlestown community, as well as the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force in Boston. Later on, once cast, the film's actors also researched within the community to make for more believable characters and performances along with Charlestown locals having joined the cast, mostly as extras. In other words, the film was made down to every detail to capture the real-world environment. Stay tuned!

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Aug 01, 2021

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