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Movie Fact #306 - October 14th, 2021


The 2012 film Cloud Atlas, based on the David Mitchell novel of the same name, was almost abandoned several times due to lack of funding. However, the film's three directors (the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer) noted how the crew was enthusiastic and determined, often going against their agents' insistence the movie wasn't financially secure and flying wherever they were needed. However, they specifically praised Tom Hanks's enthusiasm:

"Warner Bros. calls and, through our agent, says they've looked at the math and decided that they don't like this deal. They're pulling all of the money away, rescinding the offer. I was shaking. I heard, 'Are you saying the movie is dead?' They were like, 'Yes, the movie is dead.' ... At the end of the meeting, Tom says, 'Let's do it. I'm in. When do we start?' ... Tom said this unabashed, enthusiastic 'Yes!' which put our heart back together. We walked away thinking, this movie is dead but somehow, it's alive and we're going to make it. Every single time, Tom Hanks was the first who said, 'I'm getting on the plane.' And then once he said he was getting on the plane, basically everyone said, 'Well, Tom's on the plane, we're on the plane.' And so everyone flew [to Berlin to begin the film]. It was like this giant leap of faith. From all over the globe."

I know what you're all thinking...that sounds EXACTLY like something Hanks would do. Stay tuned!

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Oct 14, 2021

Terrible movie

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