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Movie Fact #39 - September 25th, 2020


The 1975 film The Strongest Man in the World is the third installment in a series of films focused on Dexter Riley (Played by Kurt Russell), following 1969's The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and 1972's Now You See Him, Now You Don't. However, in spite of his top billing in the film, Russell has the least amount of screen time in the third film than the previous two films in the series. Most of the story focusing on the other characters, mostly Richard Schuyler (Played by Michael McGreevey), Dean Higgins(Played by Joe Flynn), and A.J. Arno (Played by Cesar Romero). And for the latter two actors, there was a sense of finality in both real-life and fictionally. This turn out the be the final film of Flynn who died of a heart attack a year before it was released. And this would be the final time Cesar Romero played A.J. Arno after playing him in all three Dexter Riley films. And yet, nearly 35 years later, people still remember them all. Stay tuned!

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