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Movie Fact #53 - October 9th, 2020


For the 2012 stop-motion film Frankenweenie, the crew created three giant sound stages for three settings. These settings were Victor's cluttered family attic, a cemetery exterior, and a high school interior. They were then divided into 30 separate areas to deal with the handcrafted, frame-by-frame style of filmmaking. In actuality, the set for Frankenweenie is much larger compared to other stop-motion animation sets. This is due to the the main character Sparky who had to be, according to IGN, "'dog-size' compared to the other human characters, but also large enough to house all the elements of the mechanical skeleton secreted within his various foam and silicon-based incarnation". That being said, the mechanics of that skeleton were small and delicate. Because of this, the filmmakers had to employ Swiss watchmakers to create the tiny nuts and bolts. In total, around 200 separate puppets were used, with roughly 18 different versions of Victor. The human characters had 40–45 joints and Sparky had about 300 parts. In addition, the puppets also had wigs with real human hair. Talk about an attention to detail, huh? Stay tuned!

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